Compressed Air Systems Testing

MOLDIT Industries is a company specialized in the production of molds and production of plastic parts by injection and compression.

Thus, in its production process, it incorporates skills that allow it to satisfy all the technical needs of its customer's product and the development of solutions capable of responding to the constraints and ambitions of each project.

To ensure this entire process, at MOLDIT Industries we frequently carry out various tests and analyses, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the available equipment and to continuously improve the entire production process.

Tests have recently been carried out on Compressed Air Systems, something that we consider to be of high importance at MOLDIT Industries, as a regular check for leaks with ultrasonic testing devices not only serves to save energy and costs, but also to increase operational safety and the reliability of our production. Therefore, saving energy by detecting leaks in our compressed air systems is an important issue in all areas of production and process technology. Successful detection and maintenance associated with the compressed air system leads to an average savings of 30%.

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Caption: Technicians performing the ultrasound tests.

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