ASG Moldes mold quality control

ASG Moldes

ASG Moldes, founded in 1964, today occupies a position of prestige and recognition within the Portuguese moulding industry and within the plastics industry worldwide.

The organization focuses on the design and development of new solutions to increase productivity and profitability of the existing productive force, in order to respond even more to customer/market requirements and ensure continuous improvement and satisfaction.

ASG Moldes
ASG Moldes work bench


4000 X 2000 X 1500 mm


Wheel arch mould in CNC MTE FBF M 4000 milling machine scaled


Milling capacity up to 4000x2700x2000 mm.

mold underwater in EDM machine


Capacity up to 2800x1600x1200 mm.

Mold in drilling machine


Drilling capacity up to 2000x1200x1600 mm.

worker and mold in in ASG Moldes work bench scaled


Approximate capacity of 65 moulds per year.


ASG Moldes dedicates all its efforts in the promotion of continuous improvement processes, investing in the technical qualification of its employees and in the constant updating of its means of production and improvement of its industrial processes, appropriate to the most demanding and stimulating market demands.