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We are continually looking for talent to reinforce our young and dynamic team. At MOLDIT Industries, every day our people work together to meet the challenges and achieve our common goals – Sustainable Growth and Technological Evolution in the Molds and Plastics Sector. If you are interested in joining this family, submit your application here for evaluation by our Human Resources department. Together, let's create positive and lasting change.


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It is with pleasure that I share my professional path at Moldit. From my first day of work until today it has been a continuous growth, I started 25 years ago as a bench apprentice, and today with the opportunities that the company has given me over the years, I am Head of the Bench Section.”

Vitor Oliveira

Responsible for the Bench Section
When I started my career in January 1994 at Moldit, the company was still in its infancy. Today, seeing how much it has grown, I feel proud to be part of this team.”

Ramiro Teixeira

Responsible for the Erosion Section
I have been at MOLDIT for 20 years and seeing this company grow has awakened in me a passion for learning and growing every day, both personally and professionally. Today I am proud to be part of this "family", which has become a reference in its sector."

Ana Rodrigues

Financial Manager

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